Pearson Legacy – Chapter 4

I’m here! I’m here! Don’t worry!

When we last left off, our pretty alien founder, Heama, finished upgrading her rocket, flew back home, met a local, brought him back and married him. Also, I threw out my back and have been on bed rest for about a week and a half now. I played most of this chapter before I hurt myself and then played the last bit after.

I figured I’d post this chapter before I took my pain medication and got all loopy :D.

screenshot4 (1)
We start this chapter off completing a whim that Heama has had locked since she finished building her rocket. She wants to go on a mission.

screenshot4 (2)
Bye darling, safe travels.

screenshot4 (4)
Mission Log:
A Mysterious Message
Once in orbit, Heama gets an odd message from the International Sims Station. It’s badly garbled and makes little sense. Heama decides to fly over and check it out.

A Strange Spectacle
Heama arrives at the seemingly undamaged station, but hears some odd laughter echoing down the halls. She follows the strange sounds to the mess hall, where some clearly deranged astronauts are throwing bricks of freeze-dried ice cream at each other. What should Heama do?
Talk Sense into Them
-> Confiscate ‘Weapons’ <-

Space Madness!
It seems fairly obvious at this point that the crew has completely lost their marbles. Heama sneaks through the fight and grabs the box of food, hiding it away so they won’t waste them. Heama returns to the rocket and contacts command, who will send a rescue party of trained professionals soon.

screenshot4 (5)
After a safe landing, Heama comes home with this dead slug in a jar. Fancy!

screenshot4 (7)screenshot4 (8)screenshot4 (9)
I figured instead of paintings, I’d take a page out of the Landgraabacy‘s book and take portraits for all the heirs and spouses.

screenshot4 (11)screenshot4 (12)
The teens get projects from school so Chester helps them out.

screenshot4 (13)
Heama’s starting to show a bit, so I figured she should maybe tell Chester about the pregnancy.

screenshot4 (14)
Heama: Mate of mine, we are carrying spawn!
Chester: We are? But the males are usually the carriers. 
Heama: Things are different on this planet.

screenshot4 (15)
They’re both so happy :’)

screenshot4 (16)
I’m really happy I took the time to have Heama find another alien to be with. She constantly has whims about him, all romantic. I think at this point she had two ‘woohoo with Chester’ whims locked in.

screenshot4 (17)
I’m hoping that Heama is carrying twins again. I’m trying to make this a genetic legacy, meaning all heirs must be aliens.

screenshot4 (18)
Go on Jaden, you break it, you fix it.
Jaden: This sucks :(.

He actually repaired the tub autonomously. I didn’t know that was a thing.

screenshot4 (19)
Baby time!

screenshot4 (20)screenshot4 (21)
It’s a girl! Meet Demi Pearson!

screenshot4 (22)
I always think it’s funny when the other parent does the ‘labor panic’ dance after the baby is born. He didn’t even witness Heama in labor, he just came in while she was feeding Demi and freaked out a bit.

screenshot4 (23)screenshot4 (24)
Sorry-Not Sorry for the baby spam. You guys know I think alien babies are just the cutest.

screenshot4 (25)
I expanded the house again at this point, but only the upstairs. We’ve got three bedrooms now. The teens get the slightly bigger room and Demi gets the little room.

screenshot4 (26)
Remember, babies only stay babies a day in my game. So it’s birthday time already!

screenshot4 (27)

screenshot4 (28)
Look at her! Demi is (obviously) fully alien. She gets the Independent trait 😀

screenshot4 (29)screenshot4 (30)
Here’s Demi made over, I figured I’d keep her look the same for her true form and her disguise. She’s super precious. I think she got Chester’s alien skin tone and hair color in alien form and a mix of Heama and Chester’s human skin tones with Chester’s blond hair and Heama’s blue eyes. I’m excited to see how she grows up.

screenshot4 (31)
Demi gets a tablet to help her with skilling, her much older siblings didn’t have this luxury and turned out fine.

Heama needs to do mean interactions to progress in work to she starts bullying an old man in the street.
screenshot4 (33)screenshot4 (34)screenshot4 (35)screenshot4 (36)screenshot4 (37)
She got her butt kicked, but did enough mean interactions so oh well.

screenshot4 (38)
Bjorn looked like he jogged over just as Heama was finished bullying the old man.

screenshot4 (39)
Heama: What’s wrong, Bjorn? You look beat.

screenshot4 (40)
Oh dear…

screenshot4 (41)screenshot4 (42)screenshot4 (43)
Go beg for his life, Heama!
Heama: Oh, if I must.

screenshot4 (44)
Heama: If I weren’t tied to another, I would find your deeds very alluring…
Heama, focus! Don’t literally flirt with Death!

screenshot4 (45)
Heama: Have mercy, Death. His children aren’t even here to mourn him if he dies now.
He’s got a point, Heama :/

screenshot4 (46)
Heama: Damn…

screenshot4 (47)
Hazel: Ah, what a good day.
Jaden: High school sucks.

screenshot4 (48)
Hazel went straight upstairs, grabbed Demi and brought her down to dance with her. Jaden just danced on his own. They don’t know Bjorn is dead. His grave stayed here, don’t know if that’s normal. He’s in the basement cemetery that I built under the house. I’ll probably show that in the future.

Now for brighter news, I decided to let Heama and Chester have a little private wedding.
screenshot4 (49)screenshot4 (50)screenshot4 (51)screenshot4 (52)screenshot4 (53)screenshot4 (54)screenshot4 (55)screenshot4 (56)screenshot4 (57)
I love it ❤

Also, here’s a bit of Demi-spam because I just love her little face.
screenshot4 (58)screenshot4 (59)
(insert Heama and Chester making another little alien baby)
screenshot4 (60)
(back to the spam)
screenshot4 (61)screenshot4 (62)screenshot4 (63)screenshot4 (64)
Hazel loves her little sister, she’s always teaching her to dance and playing with her autonomously. It’s pretty sweet.

screenshot4 (65)
Do alien pregnancies progress faster? I think I’ve asked before but I’m so curious. Human sims don’t start puking and feeling nauseated hours after trying for a baby.

screenshot4 (66)
This poor sleepy baby. I had to get a picture of her crawling upstairs to go to bed.

screenshot4 (67)
I get Chester a woodworking table to work on his aspiration.

screenshot4 (68)
Alien baby #2 is on the way!

screenshot4 (69)screenshot4 (70)
Chester’s pretty excited to hear the big news.

screenshot4 (71)
Jaden surprises me again, he autonomously potty trains Demi.

screenshot4 (72)
This chapter is a bit here and there, I apologize if it seems rushed but also lacking. I think I got Hazel and Jaden from toddlers to teens in the last chapter and I’ve just gotten Demi from birth to toddler in this one. Hopefully I’ll get farther in the next chapter and probably either pick an heir or do an heir poll. Thanks for reading! See you guys soon! ❤


Fixed it!

So I got around to fixing the first three chapters, plus the legacy intro. All the images should be available for your viewing pleasure now.

This was no easy feat. I’m still on bed rest with a sore back, photobucket didn’t let me download the albums for each chapter so I had to individually download each image since I didn’t back them up. -_- I’m a dingus sometimes.

Now I have the images backed up on my computer and on a separate photo sharing site(in case there’s a hard drive issue*knocks on wood*). Time to go pass out x_x.


So for the past few days, I’ve been stuck in bed with a bad back. Sitting at my desk and gaming has been a no no. I think I even have enough pictures to make a mini-chapter but sitting up hurts so bad that I can’t bring myself to do it. My son’s dad is being nice and he’s going to pick up my son tonight and start their weekend together early so that’ll be less stress and more time to recover for me. Thanks for being patient with me ❤

Pearson Legacy – Chapter 3

Hello hello! Welcome back to the Pearson Legacy!
I might have been enjoying myself a bit too much while I was playing this session because there’s 95 screenshots in this chapter haha. Also [SPOILER ALERT] the kids go from toddlers to teens in this chapter alone so that should tell you how much I accomplished haha.

screenshot 1
When we last left our poor lovelorn founder, she’d been rejected by two men and went to sleep. Then the two buttheads decided to hang out in her room all night and buddy buddy it up. Good :l

screenshot 2
Bjorn stayed over the entire night, napping on the couch when he needed to. The next morning, he hangs out with his kids and Diego.

screenshot 3
The kids have a little play area in the backyard so they can hang out with their mom while she builds her rocket. I figured Heama doesn’t have much luck with human men, so she’s gonna fly home and try to reconnect with her own kind.

screenshot 4screenshot 5
Also, look at this cute bird feeder! If you keep bird seed in it, these pretty babies will fly down and hang out every now and then. Makes me want pets so bad!

screenshot 6
I have so many random shots of Heama working on her rocket. She works on it whenever she has free time.

screenshot 8
Jaden and Hazel are still super freaking adorable.

screenshot 9
This nanny is probably the best I’ve had in the game so far, but he’s a freaking creep. I’ll elaborate on that later.

screenshot 10screenshot 11
Bjorn was invited over for the birthdays. Jaden just asked him for help blowing out the candles, worked like a charm.

screenshot 12
Here’s Jaden, he has the Creativity Aspiration and the Goofball trait.

screenshot 13
And here’s Hazel! She also has the Creativity Aspiration, but she has the Cheerful trait. Couldn’t you tell with that stoic expression?

(Bjorn and one of his other kids sends the twins some toys in the mail. I think it’s pretty cute that they send them stuff every birthday)

They’re both super cute, I suspect at this point that Hazel is a clone of Heama. We’ll be comparing them when Hazel is a teen, don’t you worry.

screenshot 14
At this point, I move Diego out. He didn’t do much other than be snooty and eat all the food. I know it’s kind of cheating, but I moved him in with the hopes that he could be a spouse to Heama and he turned out to be a buttface. So he moves in with Bjorn and his family.

screenshot 15screenshot 16screenshot 17
While Heama is at work, I usually just leave the kids alone. If they want to work on their aspirations, they can. I like watching them wander around and take care of themselves. This isn’t an ISBI challenge, but sometimes it’s fun to see what kind of stuff Sims get into when you aren’t telling them what to do.

screenshot 18
Alright, this guy. He’s still pretty cool. Cooks meals in case the kids get hungry, praise them when they do homework and even praise them when they skill. He also, however, calls Jaden A LOT when he isn’t here and tries to invite him to his house. NOT COOL, EA! Elderly male nannies shouldn’t invite little boys over to their house!!

screenshot 20
Hazel: Jaden… Did you hear that??
Jaden: I think so.

screenshot 21
What the frick-frack is that?!
Jaden: EEEEK!
Tentacle: -hiss-

screenshot 22
Jaden: There’s a monster under my bed, mom.
Hazel: It wants to eat us.
Heama: That’s probably your uncle, Jezzle. He likes to visit every now and then.
Hazel and Jaden: o_o

screenshot 23
Heama: Brother, stop scaring my spawn.
Jezzle: -quiet, apologetic hiss-

screenshot 24
Heama: -sprays Hazel’s bed for good measure-

screenshot 25
Look at you two, doing homework together <3.

screenshot 26
Hazel is the first to find the art tables. She even goes to the one I hoped she’d pick.

screenshot 27
Once she finishes her first drawing, she sits at her brother’s table.

screenshot 28screenshot 29
Hazel: Jaden, wake up! Uncle Jezzle is back!
These freaking monsters, man.

screenshot 30
Bless you, child. Skilling on your own <3.

screenshot 31
The rocket is coming together 😀

screenshot 32
So Heama needs to get into one more fight to finish this part of her aspiration, so I see the first guy she ever fought(she wiped his memory so he doesn’t remember). I send her out to ‘make friends’.

screenshot 33screenshot 35
He beats her up this time. Oh well!

screenshot 36
The kids and Mr. Creep-Nanny hang out in the backyard. I need to get lights out there.

screenshot 37
I love that they play with the dollhouse so much. It builds their creativity skill pretty quickly.

screenshot 38
Rocket is done! Time to start upgrading it!

screenshot 39
All those pictures were made autonomously. Figured I’d keep them to see how much they progress on their own.
I believe this is when Hazel maxed her Creativity skill all on her own.

screenshot 40
Hazel is going through a ‘Loud’ phase. She gets the Loud trait for a few days and wants to shout and play instruments, so I buy her a violin.
Jaden is also going through a ‘Clingy’ phase. It didn’t change much about him except he got a bit sad when Heama would go to work.

screenshot 41

screenshot 42
The kids get school projects to work on. Best place to set them up is the backyard.

screenshot 43
Happy little family :3

screenshot 44
I think Hazel is going to lean towards a musical aspiration when she grows up.

screenshot 45
This guy will go to painting or writing.

screenshot 46
Who’s a little mobster? You are, you are!
Heama: Do not patronize me.
But you’re so cute!

screenshot 47
I think I took this picture when Heama maxed her Rocket Science skill. Good job, darlin.

screenshot 48
Birthdays again!

screenshot 49screenshot 50screenshot 51screenshot 52
Makeover time!

screenshot 53
Here’s Hazel, looking lovely with her white tips.
She gets the Musical Genius aspiration, the Muser trait and the Dance Machine trait to go with her Cheerful trait.

screenshot 54
Here’s Jaden, looking miffed.
He gets the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration, the Muser trait and the Neat trait to go with his Goofball trait.

(Bjorn and one of the half-sisters send the twins decorative plates in the mail)

screenshot 55 1
I think I’m right about Hazel being a face-clone. Heama is a bit wide-eyed here because she’s eating but it looks like these two could be twins.

screenshot 55
Are you happy? You made a face clone.
Heama: I am happy, thank you for asking.

screenshot 58
I’ve been keeping Heama in her alien form lately. Not sure what the repercussions are but she’s so dang cute.

screenshot 59
The kids do homework together while mom’s at work.

screenshot 60
We’re getting there!

screenshot 61
Hazel wins a golden bunny award at school. Not sure what it’s for but it’s pretty!

screenshot 62
Hazel was forever bored because she hadn’t danced. So I made her a little dancing area in the backyard. Note Jaden’s easel there as well. He has another in the house.

screenshot 63
Heama: It is done.
:O We get to go to space??
Heama: I suppose so. Time to visit home.

screenshot 64screenshot 65
Safe travels!

screenshot 66
Heama: It’s darker here than I remember.
It is, but it’s super pretty!

screenshot 67screenshot 68
No aliens around, so I just have Heama run around and collect stuff.

screenshot 69
Alien! Go, Heama go!

screenshot 70
This is Janae, that’s a pretty name!
They chat a bit

Do a secret alien handshake 😀

But then she leaves, but look!
screenshot 71
A man! 😀

screenshot 72
The secret handshake is too cute haha.
I guess I didn’t get too much footage of these two, even if they’re super cute together. They interacted until their friendship bar was full and Heama could ask Chester here(lol and alien named Chester) to move in. Chester joins the household and Heama flies back home.

screenshot 73
Chester has brown hair! I always just leave the color that the hair defaults on for aliens and it’s usually black, but Chester here has brown hair!
Let’s formally introduce him, shall we?
Chester Santos -giggles- what a silly name for an alien.
He’s got the Nerd Brain aspiration, the Quick Learner trait, the Bro trait, the Bookworm trait, and the Clumsy trait. He’s already an adult, which works out since Heama’s adult birthday will be any day now.

screenshot 74
After Chester gets settled, Heama throws down some flirts. He accepts them! Praise the Plumbob, she’s not unlovable after all.

screenshot 75

screenshot 76
They’re both glowing! How cute!

screenshot 77screenshot 78
Waaah boyfriend and girlfriend ❤ ❤
I ship them so hard.

screenshot 79
Heama: Would you like to become formally acquainted with my rocket? 
Uh, Heama, usually the men say that.
Chester: I thought you’d never ask.
Okay then.

screenshot 80screenshot 81screenshot 82screenshot 83

screenshot 84
He autonomously did that! Omg I love them!

screenshot 85
Heama: Chester, I learned some time ago that there is a human custom that is performed here that bonds two beings together for eternity. 

screenshot 86screenshot 87
Heama: Will you stay by my side as I complete my mission here on earth? 

screenshot 88screenshot 89
Chester: Yes, Heama. I would be filled with the joy to do so!

screenshot 90

I love it…

screenshot 91
I guess the interstellar tango wasn’t enough for these two.

screenshot 92
Here’s a nice subject change. This is all the stuff Heama collected on Sixam. I suppose we can save them for a rainy day.

screenshot 93
Heama: -blarf-
Ah, that was quick. It hasn’t even been a few hours, Heama.

screenshot 94
We end this long-winded and pretty jumbled chapter with Chester in his human disguise. I like it!

Tune in next time for a wedding, a birthday, and babies?! We’ll see! ❤

Pearson Legacy – Chapter 2

Woooo here we are with another chapter! I can’t promise that this legacy will be updated daily. My day job atm is editing videos for a youtube channel and we’re at a bit of a lull in footage because one of us is a big baby.
(See below for footage of said big baby)

So until I get more stuff to edit, I’ll be updating this pretty regularly! 😀

Where did we last leave off…
screenshot 81
Heama: By all that is holy in the worlds, it’s ripping it’s way out of me!
Oh don’t be dramatic, I went through this once myself. It’s not TOO bad.

screenshot 1
Aaaand POP, the second generation is born!
Heama: She is fantastic!
Um, what’s that behind you?
Heama: Oh that? It’s nothing.

screenshot 2
Meet Hazel Pearson. She’s blue! 😀
Heama: Don’t forget Jaden.

screenshot 3
:O Jaden?!
You’ve seen it here folks, this is my first set of natural twins in the game. At first, I was just baffled, the first birth in the first legacy I’ve started in a while turns out to be twins. Then I looked at their dad’s family tree, he also has twin girls with his wife. They’re teens at the moment. (Bjorn and one of the twins, Sophia, sent the kids toys in the mail. I thought it was cute.)
I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe Bjorn just has twins in his genes? I dunno.

screenshot 4
Hazel is in the pink crib, Jaden is in the green. Is it just me, or are alien babies cuter than human babies in this game?
Heama: I made these :).

screenshot 5
Is this only precious to me? It’s pretty damn precious.

screenshot 6

screenshot 7
I’m almost sorry for the baby spam, but look at him. Precious little monster.

screenshot 8
Hazel isn’t neglected, I promise. Heama becomes good friends with her kids in less than a day.

screenshot 9
Very observant. 
Heama(off-screen): He still cannot hear you, voice.
Oh yeah…

screenshot 10
Bjorn: Well bye.

He actually ran out of the house, he stopped to walk on the stairs. How responsible.

screenshot 11screenshot 12

screenshot 13
Heama: It’s alright, my spawn. Your father is just playing out in the garbage.

screenshot 14
Then he wanted to take a bath.

What the hell, Bjorn?
Heama: I found him charming at some point.
Yeah I don’t know what you were smoking.

screenshot 15
I see that glow, Heama. You’re enjoying it!

So the babies only stay babies a day in my game, so they aged up fairly quickly.

screenshot 16
So quickly, in fact, that I didn’t get a real picture. Oops.

screenshot 17
This is Hazel, look at that face. LOOK AT IT!
Hazel has the Angelic Trait.

screenshot 18
-falls to the floor from the cute-
Jaden has the Silly trait.

screenshot 19screenshot 20screenshot 21
Heama is best mom, 10/10 best mom.

screenshot 22

Too cute.

screenshot 23

screenshot 24screenshot 25screenshot 26screenshot 27screenshot 28
Sorry/Not Sorry for the toddler spam. Can you blame me?!

screenshot 29
Diego Lobo stops by. I don’t know how Heama knows him, but she doesn’t actually hate him.

screenshot 30
Also, removed his mustache because why would you have that shit-stain on your lip??

screenshot 31
House is so small.

screenshot 32
Diego: So I couldn’t help but notice your kids are blue…
Heama: Ah yeah, they take after me in that sense.
Diego: Wut?

screenshot 33
Ah, successful flirts!

screenshot 34
So I ended up giving Heama’s true form a makeover. I think she’s a doll.

screenshot 35
Heama: You are quite an agreeable specimen.
Diego: You’re a different color now.

screenshot 36

I have NEVER had this much romantic difficulty with a sim. WHY MUST THEY HURT HER?!

screenshot 37
After getting utterly rejected, Heama got her kids to bed and went to sleep.

screenshot 38
Even after saying goodbye though, Diego wouldn’t leave. He just kept turning on the TV and waking everyone up.

screenshot 39
Diego: Well I guess I’ll head out.

screenshot 40
Diego: Wait, your tub is dirty. I’ll take care of it.

screenshot 41
This picture is just here to show you I put the TV in the family inventory to make him stop waking the toddlers up. Heama is in the red, she needs sleep! >:c

screenshot 42
Why won’t you leeeeeeeeeeeeeave?!

screenshot 43
I think he’s gone. The kids are up. I put some food out on the counter so they could feed themselves. I think that’s the best thing about toddlers. If there’s food out, they’ll feed themselves. It helps Heama catch up on sleep.

screenshot 44
I could watch these two play all day.

screenshot 45
Hazel: Mama! 
Heama: Hello, spawn of mine. 🙂

screenshot 46
Shit he’s back.
Might as well give this whole romance thing another go.

screenshot 47
I ended up selling the bigger TV, all the fireworks in Heama’s inventory, and her voodoo doll to build a room for the kids. They’re still sleeping though, so once they’re up, I’ll move their beds.

screenshot 48
I need to move your beds, sweet babies.
Hazel and Jaden: Pway?

screenshot 49
Heama was able to ask Diego to move in, since he never wants to leave anyway. But as soon as the game reloaded, Diego tried to flirt with her and she denied him! This was autonomous btw. Maybe they aren’t meant to be? -_-

screenshot 50screenshot 51
But he brought in a good bit of money, and he can at least babysit the kids so Heama can go back to work. I added a second floor to the house and moved the bedrooms up there.

screenshot 52
Bjorn just walks in the house now, doesn’t even knock. Is that a thing when you have kids with someone in the game and they don’t live with you? They just waltz in?

screenshot 53
Jaden: Baff? 
Diego: Ugh, it’s talking to me.
Diego: Wtf was that??
Take care of that baby now!
Diego: No!
This could be a problem, Heama went to work 😦

screenshot 54
Bjorn however is trying to get on my good side. He’s autonomously playing with Hazel.

screenshot 55
Then he put her to bed. Omg.

I ended up calling a nanny to help with the kids, but Bjorn was doing a lot on his own. The nanny did give Jaden a bath though.

screenshot 56
Jaden asked his dad to go night night, Bjorn didn’t seem to mind. WHY CAN’T YOU LOVE HEAMA, DAMNIT?!

screenshot 57
So cute…

screenshot 58
Heama comes home and I wonder if there’s hope for these two…

screenshot 59
Nope, he declined her flirts.
He doesn’t mind watching her sleep though, which is extra creepy.

I’m at a loss here. Heama is the most awkward sim I’ve ever played. I’ve never had anyone fail so much when it comes to romance. It’s a wonder she was able to woohoo with Bjorn in the first place -_-.

I’m debating kicking Diego out, might be cheating since I got all his money, but I’m not exactly playing for points and I just don’t see them getting together. Should I kick out Diego and try again with Bjorn? Or should I try to have Heama meet someone else? I’m kind of debating having her build a space ship. Maybe she can fly back home and meet someone new. Thoughts?

Thanks for reading babies <3.

Pearson Legacy – Chapter 1

Welcome to the Pearson Legacy! It’s been a good while since I tried writing a legacy, so bare with me as I struggle through this haha. I hope anyone reading this enjoys it!

screenshot 1
Here we are! The start of a brand new legacy! Are you excited, Heama?
Heama: I need a home, how am I expected to start this without a place to live. 
Count yourself among the lucky ones, Heama. I don’t follow too many legacy rules, so you get all your money when you start out. 
Heama: Good, where shall I be living?

screenshot 2
Already done, my little alien princess.
Heama: Please do not call me such a childish nickname, I am on an important mission.
But you’re so cute D:>.

screenshot 3
Basically just made a studio apartment. There’s room to grow. Notice no lights? I didn’t.

screenshot 4
Just to remind you of Heama’s traits: She’s Evil, a Genius and Family-Oriented. She has the Public Enemy LTW and that comes with the Dastardly trait.

I thought about putting her in the political career, since she wants to rule the world, but then I remembered she needed to be in the criminal career for her LTW so oh well. She’ll rule the criminal world.

screenshot 5screenshot 6
Heama greets random sims that pass by her house. She’s super polite.
Heama: No, these humans are ridiculous, they don’t deserve politeness. 

screenshot 7
Welcome Wagon!

screenshot 8screenshot 9screenshot 10screenshot 11
(By this screenshot, I realized I didn’t add lights lmao)
screenshot 12
(Oh look, lights ^_^)
screenshot 13screenshot 14screenshot 15screenshot 16
Heama won her first fight and lost her second. She made enemies out of both of these people.

screenshot 17
Then I found an alien action, this is the erase memory one. Basically just resets your relationship with this person, so this guy isn’t her enemy anymore. Oops ha.

screenshot 19screenshot 20
After the welcome wagon leaves, Heama joins the Criminal Career and works on her mischief skill on people that happen to walk by her house.

screenshot 21
Then I think she just beat this guy up because she could. She’s a doll 😀

screenshot 22
Heama: Humans are comical, they just put a string attached to a stick into the water and expect to catch food?
Well there’s more to it than that, dear.
Heama: Oh, something is pulling it!

screenshot 23
Heama: The line snapped :D.
You are just so cute.

screenshot 24
I want to capture every picture of her laughing manically. It’s precious.
Heama: Muwahaha fear me humans!
Bless you, my sweet summer child.

screenshot 25
While cooking breakfast, Heama gets free earbuds. I let her listen to one song, then sell them. I don’t get the point of them honestly. I wish you could listen to audio books on them. (NOTE: IF YOU CAN DO THIS, PLZ TELL ME. I IS A NOOB)

screenshot 26
Heama tries her luck at the gym. She’s gotta get buff if she’s going to fight so many people.
Heama: This is ridiculous, this form has pores and they’re just leaking. It’s disgusting.

screenshot 27screenshot 28screenshot 29
Punching the bag twice wasn’t going to help you win a fight, dear. Especially against him. He looks like he frequents this place.

screenshot 30
Heama: I’m having a great time though. *glows*
Bjorn: What the heck, you’re glowing! You’re not human!


screenshot 31
Yeah I forgot to take a picture. She erased his memory then headed home.

screenshot 32
Heama is at level 3 in her career at this point.

You look cute, dear.
Heama: They say the more innocent you look, the more you’ll get away with. Humans are fascinatingly gullible if they think you’re cute.
It’s true.

screenshot 33
Heama: Yes, hello. We met briefly yesterday. Would you like to come by?
Who are you inviting over?
Heama: Quiet, you. No no, not you. Yes, come right by.

screenshot 34
This guy? Why would you invite him over? 
Heama: I’m drawn to him.
He’s married.
Heama: What’s that? A disease? 

screenshot 36
These two actually get along very well, even though he’s a Good sim and she’s an Evil sim. She rarely lashes out at him autonomously.

screenshot 37
Heama: He’s fascinating. 
Or gross.
Heama: -cute sigh-
Oh my.

screenshot 38
Heama: I can get to know you much faster than you realize.
Bjorn: This isn’t exactly normal!
Heama: It’s quite alright, I’m not human. Don’t tell anyone.
Heama: I find him dreamy.
This is too OOC! STAHP!

screenshot 39
Hey whoa, that’s an embrace. He’s married!
Heama: He assured me he isn’t contagious.
Bjorn: You’re so cute when you talk to yourself.
I’m not talking to him if he joins the family >:C

screenshot 40
Heama: I find you to be quite alluring.
Bjorn: Same here, Space Babe.

screenshot 41

screenshot 42
Heama: Would you like to study human anatomy with me?
Bjorn: -goofy laugh- Yes please.

screenshot 43
-rolls eyes and looks away-

screenshot 44
Heama: I can see why humans do that often, it was exhilarating. 
Aren’t you a little ashamed? 
Heama: Why should I be?
He’s a married man, Heama.
Heama: I’m still not interested in learning what that term means.
(She’s glowing pink, not sure if you can see.)

screenshot 45
The next day, Bjorn invites Heama out to a date at the cafe. He spends the whole date talking to other people, so she uses the free time to work on her mischief skill and make a couple enemies.

screenshot 46
After a few hours, the date ends and he asks her not to call him again. I guess a date will go bad when you don’t interact with the woman you asked out -_-. It’s not her fault, she’s not from here D:.

Heama: I feel strange.
Maybe you should head home?

screenshot 47
Heama: -eye twitch- What is the meaning of this?! My abdomen has swollen. 
Oooh, that was pretty fast. You’re going to have a baby, Heama. Congrats!
Heama: No no no, that’s not how this is supposed to work. I’m supposed to implant the children into the men of this world.
Ah yeah, usually that’s how it works, but when you do the Horizontal Tango instead of the traditional Probe-n-Ditch, this happens.
Heama: -eye twitches some more-

screenshot 48
She tried to catch up with Bjorn to tell him the good news but he ran off, leaving her to sit outside looking pretty cute. I promise at some point, she’ll be staying in her alien form.

screenshot 49
Heama: -laughs evilly- My spawn will help me rule the world.
When they’re older, maybe. 
Heama: Of course, I’m not a monster.

screenshot 50
Just had to show this, Alien Baby Bump!

Heama: This device is fantastic!

screenshot 51
Heama: It’s incredibly entertaining!

Ah yes, I bought Heama a TV with her promotion money. She’s only got a couple hundred bucks now.

screenshot 52
Heama and I decided that Bjorn should know about their baby. I would just let this go, since she got a baby out of him already, but she’s never mean to him, it’s so weird. She’s mean to EVERYONE.

screenshot 53
Heama: Wonderful news, mate of mine. The probing worked, but I’m the carrier. Isn’t this wonderful?
Bjorn: Probing? Carrier? Oh plumbob, are you pregnant?!
Heama: Pregnant? Is that what you call it when you are carrying your spawn?
Bjorn: Yes, Heama. That’s what that’s called here.
Heama: Then yes, I am the pregnant.
Bjorn: My wife is going to kill me.

screenshot 54
That’s a big baby bump, is it uncomfortable?
Heama: This body is quite malleable. It seems to have been built to stretch. It’s as if my superiors saw this coming when they assigned this disguise to me.

screenshot 55
Bjorn: Is it going to be like you?
Heama: I can only hope, mate of mine. I have no use for human spawn.
Bjorn: What?
Heama: -insert sarcastic tone here- I jest, it will most likely look just like you. 

screenshot 56
Um, where did he go?
Heama: He vanished into thin air.
He’s quick, that one.
Heama: I agree, I hope our spawn inherits his speed and his ability to escape.

screenshot 57
The next day, Heama invites Bjorn over, but decides to greet him in her true form. He doesn’t seem to mind.

screenshot 58
Heama: Humans are strange :).

Bjorn arrived at the house feeling embarrassed. He then rejected her kiss(which startled me so much I didn’t get a picture. He shoved her!) and hid under the covers in her bed. Okay then.

screenshot 59screenshot 60screenshot 61screenshot 62screenshot 63screenshot 64
Heama cheers him up quickly.
Also omg so cute.

screenshot 65
Bjorn: LEAVE ME ALONE, MONSTER! *violently shoves*
>:C!!!!!!!!! How dare you shove her?! She’s pregnant!
Heama: I don’t understand…

At this point, I’d given up on him. It seems like Heama did too, embarrassed by this sudden rejection, she immediately and autonomously yelled at him.

screenshot 66
Heama: You should be ashamed of yourself! I finally read what being married actually means! You are meant to be committed to one mate for the rest of your years and you have decided to mate with another! Where are your morals?!
Bjorn: Oh damn, I didn’t think you’d figure out what that meant.

She’s arguing about his morals here, she ended up winning the argument. A well-deserved win. He’s scum.

screenshot 67
Heama: Also, your fornication skills are lacking. I still have no idea what the human equivalent of being satisfied is.
Bjorn: Low blow, Heama.

screenshot 68
She then put her disguise back on, since Bjorn has lost the right to see her in all her glory. He decides to be a creep and follow her into the bathroom. GTFO!

screenshot 69
Heama: It is time for you to go, Bjorn. I shall raise our spawn on my own. 
Bjorn: You don’t mean that, Heama. We can talk about this.
You heard her!

screenshot 70
Are you alright, Heama.
Heama: Ah, yes. I suppose. I’m feeling strange. 

screenshot 71
Heama: -puts the equivalent of Homeward Bound on- Oh dear…

screenshot 72
Heama: -sobs- What in Plumbob is happening to me??
You’re sad 😦


screenshot 73
The next night, Heama heads to the Jokesters and Pranksters festival(or whatever it’s called) and look who’s here looking annoyed.

I only took one picture at the festival. Heama joined the pranksters and they won. She got a voodoo doll and some fireworks.

screenshot 75
Why is he here? >:C
Heama: I’m experimenting…
-sees voodoo doll- Ooohh…

screenshot 76
Heama: Muwahaha, it’s bound to him!

screenshot 77
Bjorn: I’m so glad you invited me over! Now we can talk!
Heama: Get out.

screenshot 78
Bjorn: What the heck, Heama! We need to talk about this.
Heama: You shoved me. I’m carrying your spawn and you shoved me.
Bjorn: You tried to kiss me!
Heama(plus me): CARRYING YOUR SPAWN!

screenshot 79
-Later on-
Heama: Hmm, the strangest sensation is plaguing my abdomen.
Eeeeeeee! 😀

screenshot 80
Heama: This is incredibly painful.
You realize you make human men go through this, right? And they don’t even have the right parts to make this easy on them.
Heama: Oh Plumbob, that’s awful!

screenshot 81
Heama: Time to expel the spawn.
Not quite yet, dear.
Heama: ?!?!
It’s the end of the chapter, you have to wait!

Thanks so much for reading! Next time, the first birth of the legacy and hopefully better luck for Heama in the romance department. Bye for now! ❤